Donnerstag, 9 Okt 2008

Diagnose Cancer

Lately I posted a lot about QT4/KDE4 now it’s time to post some private stuff.

I received a lot of mails in the last 3-4 weeks about what happened to me.
The answer is easy: First of all we had ports freeze from Oct 8 to Oct 22.
I also got bad news from my mother 3.5 months ago. My mom’s cancer is back.
It began 4 years ago with breast cancer, but she won the fight. Last year we
got the cancer diagnose and were really hard shocked. She had an operation and
got chemotherapy but never really recovered. 3.5 months ago in the next medical
checkup cancer was diagnosted in liver and kidneys. 3 weeks ago I got a call
from my dad that my mother is now in hospital because she can’t eat or drink
without vomiting. She got a feeding tube and the first 3-4 days it looked good a
we had a little hope that she will live. But two days ago I got another call
from my dad that my mother passed away on 20:32 (CEST). I knew it was only a
question of time and I am very sad about all this though realistically seen it
is better because she had a lot of pains. Now I hope that she looks from heaven
to my family from time to time. The funeral will be next Monday. So I need a bit
of distraction. I will spend time with my family over the weekend and a bit on
FreeBSD so I can divert myself a bit.

So long..

4 Responses to “Diagnose Cancer”

  1. Marcus Says:


    it’s so sad what you write here and I’m so sorry about your mother’s death, please accept my deepest sympathy.

    To lost a person that stands near to you is hard, especially when you cannot around her. Certain she will look from time to time for you because good guys really deserve it.

  2. Oliver Says:

    You and your family have my deepest sympathy Martin.


  3. Axel S Gruner Says:

    Um es in den Worten von Chris Rea – Tell me there’s a heaven, zu sagen:

    The little girl she said to me
    What are these things that I can see
    Each night when I come home from school
    And mama calls me in for tea
    Oh every night a baby dies
    And every night a mama cries
    What makes those men do what they do
    To make that person black and blue
    Grandpa says their happy now
    They sit with God in paradise
    With angels wings and still somehow
    It makes me feel like ice

    Tell me theres a heaven
    Tell me that its true
    Tell me theres a reason
    Why Im seeing what I do
    Tell me theres a heaven
    Where all those people go
    Tell me theyre all happy now
    Papa tell me that its so

  4. Aaron Says:

    Sorry to hear the sad news. Take care.

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