Dienstag, 6 Okt 2009

We’re happy to announce that KDE-4.3.2 is ready
for testing. KDE-4.3.2 is only a Bugfix release.
If you want to play with KDE 4.3.2 please checkout
all ports from area51.

A note about area51, we have changed the repo layout,
Qt and KDE is now split between area51/QT and area51/KDE.
If you have an old check out please delete all and run a
new checkout:

svn co http://area51.pcbsd.org/trunk/area51

You’ll then find 3 dirs: QT, KDE, Tools, in Tools/scripts
you’ll find 2 scripts to merge QT and KDE to /usr/ports.
If you see any issues please let use know. We’re plan
to commit all updates after the FreeBSD 8.0 release

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  2. Snorre D. Overbo Says:

    Great! The KDE-team for FreeBSD is doing a terrific job here. Thanks. By the way, will the new Amarok-version (2.2) be ported soon?

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