Samstag, 28 Nov 2009

Here is a small Status update about our work on gecko stuff:
beat@ already removed all references to www/mozilla. Also the
switch from USE_GECKO= xulrunner firefox mozilla to USE_GECKO= libxul
is mostly done. Some small parts are still in the tree and we
are working on them. Afterwards xulrunner will be removed.
Finally the first steps for upcoming Thunderbird3 and SeaMonkey2
has been committed. We plan to start a CFT in the next days for
new firefox3.6 and Thunderbird3.

Our plan was to kill www/firefox and follow the release numbers
(www/firefox3 = firefox-3.0.X, www/firefox35 = firefox 3.5.X etc..).
But we think that confuses our users so we changed our plan:
www/firefox get the current Stable Release (Plan is to update it
with 3.6, once it is released). If a new version will be released
we will create firefox3X to hold the version until the end of life
the support time. With the release of Firefox 3.6, Firefox 3 will
be end of life so we will remove www/firefox3.

With the release of SeaMonkey2 the support for SeaMoneky 1 was
dropped. We plan to update linux-seamonkey and seamoneky to the
same time. But there are a few open tasks until we are ready to
commit. If you can’t wait with testing of all the new toys you
can try to checkout the gecko repository and play with that. But
note if anything breaks for you that’s not our fault :). And if
you want to help you can see our open tasks on our wiki page :).

Have fun!

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  1. Thomas Says:

    Sounds cool. Any plans to integrate binary diff updates for FreeBSD firefox. Something like the official firefox is doing. Would be nice not to recompile firefox after every security update

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