Freitag, 27 Nov 2009

So FreeBSD 8.0 was now officially released, and the ports tree was now

I’ve taken the night and updated python to 2.6.4.

Also as i wrote, I am back to the KDE game,
we have updated Qt to 4.5.3.

fluffy@ spend a lot time to update py-qt4 which is
now 4.6.2, and py-sip is 4.9.3

and as finally we updated KDE to 4.3.3

here is the commit log:

The KDE FreeBSD team is proud to announce the release of KDE 4.3.3
for FreeBSD.

For lists of bugfixes and improvements please see:

The KDE FreeBSD team would like to say thanks to all the helpers
and submitters.

Oh and I’d like to say many many thx to the great KDE FreeBSD Team which
has done a great job 🙂

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