Montag, 28 Dez 2009

[CFT] Virtualbox 3.1.2 for FreeBSD

Hi All,

Changelog from VirtualBox is available here:

Changes in the port:
– VirtualBox and the guest additions have been updated to 3.1.2.
– Port has been renamed to virtualbox-ose to reflect that we are using the
OSE version. Requested by: mm@
– A seperate port for the kernel modules has been created: virtualbox-ose-kmod
– A seperate port for guest additions for FreeBSD guests has been created:
– Added proper PulseAudio support for FreeBSD. Contributed
by Noriyoshi Kawano
– procfs is no longer required because vbox uses sysctl(3) now. Contributed
by Baptiste Daroussin and Bernhard Froehlich
– Fix build with a non-standard location for the system source. Submitted by: scf@

How to upgrade:
– Fetch the new ports:
# fetch
# tar xf virtualbox-port-r601.tar.gz

– Build the new ports:
# cd virtualbox-ose-kmod && make
# cd ../virtualbox-ose && make

– If build was ok, deinstall old port
# pkg_deinstall virtualbox-\*

– Install new port:
# cd ../virtualbox-ose-kmod && make install clean
# cd ../virtualbox-ose && make install clean

For FreeBSD guests within VirtualBox please try the new guest
additions port:
# fetch
# tar xf virtualbox-port-r601.tar.gz
# cd virtualbox-ose-additions && make install clean
# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start

Check that the VirtualBox kernel module is loaded via loader.conf
and reboot the machine.

Check the wiki page for known problems:

Please report any functionality which was working with previous versions of VirtualBox
and no longer working with 3.1.2 or any build failure.

Many thanks to the VirtualBox developers, all tester and patch submitter and the whole
vbox@ team.

4 Responses to “[CFT] Virtualbox 3.1.2 for FreeBSD”

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  2. Oliver Says:

    Runs very smooth, even with VT-x enabled. It’s faster especially while playing videos in the VM (now fullscreen in mplayer with vo gl2). Perfect so far, I’ve been testing it with Debian testing (32bit) in FreeBSD 8 stable (64bit).

  3. Zplay Says:

    I’m running it on a head i386 kernel. It works very fine, I’ve been able to reload a saved state with the older build. It’s running OpenSolaris very smoothly 🙂
    Great work !

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