Mittwoch, 2 Jun 2010

Stepping down from KDE, Gecko, and vbox …

Howdy Guys,

Few Weeks ago i wrote that i’ve got a job offer in Kuala Lumpur,
I got this Job now and unfortunately now I need now to reorder my
life a bit. So first step is now to step down from KDE, Gecko
and vbox teams. I am not really happy about this step but sometimes
priorities goes to new state and we have to reorder something.
I’ll spend my time more to portmgr stuff, mentoring fresh
Blood, Gnats cleanup’s and committing any good stuff. I’d like
to say many thanks for all the nice time in these teams ;-).

– Martin

6 Responses to “Stepping down from KDE, Gecko, and vbox …”

  1. decke Says:

    Thank you very much for everything and I hope you find a balance that makes you happy!

  2. Thomas Abthorpe Says:


    Blow off portmgr@ and come back 😉

    We will miss you, on KDE.

  3. Steven Kreuzer Says:

    Thank you very much for all the work you have done, especially with Virtual Box. Best of luck to you on your new ventures

  4. wen Says:

    Welcome back !

  5. Brandon Says:

    I’m sorry to hear this news, but I can’t thank you enough for making my computing life much easier. Good luck and I hope for your continued success!

  6. Remko Lodder Says:

    Dear Martin,

    As always, I thank you for all the tremendous work you have done within your various groups. Eventhough you mention that you not entirely like the situation, it is good that you are choosing for your future and for the moment take a little step back. Most people can learn from those decisions 🙂

    As a virtual-friend, the best of luck in the coming time, as I followed it, it will be a busy time, but you will manage 🙂


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