Sonntag, 27 Jun 2010

still life but ..

sadly I did’t found free time to write here anything, real job makes
me too busy, it’s huge fun even if it is not always easy.  I am now
almost three months in Kuala Lumpur, and I am still impressed by the
large squares, by the peoples and the culture. I did’t found time
to go more outside, but i think/hope this will change someday.
Oh yes i found here a FreeBSD Geek, I am very impressed by this
people because I’ve never tought I will find someone here, that
has the Technical understanding, it must be added that we interested
have some commonalities. I hope I get this opportunity people even
closer to get to know :-). Food and drink tastes good, I am doing
quite well so far…

PS: Pics can you find on Facebook 🙂

= Martin

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  1. od Says:

    Dein Job wird mehr Spass machen mit mir.

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