Samstag, 19 Feb 2011

Enhanced commit privileges..

My FreeBSD Commit Bit was updated yesterday. I have been playing with
ports and docs for a long time, and now src is added to the list. I’m
going to stop talking about cleaning up freebsd-bugs gnats. Now is the
time to actually do something about it. I don’t want to see anymore happy
birthday mail to a 10 years open bug report..

Thanks to Robert Watson who will be mentoring me for a while. And for those
who asked me yesterday what I want to do in src, I do have a future plan, else
don’t call me miwi :P. Hang on for a bit and you will get the answer soonish.

so longish ..

2 Responses to “Enhanced commit privileges..”

  1. Oliver Says:

    Congrats … may the source be with you 😀

  2. Gábor Says:

    Congrats Miwi! Sometimes I wonder how do you have so much energy. You alredy lead the ports commit count, you are a portmgr member and you are still looking for new challenges. All my respect to you! I wish I could also contribute more but these days the studies got more priority.

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