Sonntag, 26 Jun 2011

Looking for some Build servers..


I’m looking for some fast Tinderbox build server (i386|amd64) for free,
if anyone have them please let me know …

– Martin

3 Responses to “Looking for some Build servers..”

  1. Ronald Says:

    For how long? How fast should the internet link be? Do you need a jail or a dedicated server? Isn’t out possible to crowd source this? Like the build farm of the samba team?

  2. miwi Says:


    I’m Looking for a Dedicated Server to test Packages before I commit it. The Internet
    speed is not important, important is the power of the machine (CPU(s), RAM.

  3. Tom at appliedops Says:

    I can probably do something. Drop me a mail with some more details.

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