Montag, 6 Feb 2012

[CFT] Xorg Upgrade 7.5.2

The Xorg Team is pleased to announce the next round of Xorg updates. First of all, note that this is experimental, so you really have to know what you’re
doing read careful and follow exactly our documentation. We are specifically looking for feedback from Intel, ATI and NVIDIA users, we like to know if we break here
anything. The WITHOUT_NOUVEAU switch is gone along with xf86-video-nouveau, we suggest to switch to the nvidia blob.

KMS Support [1]:
Unfortunately, the intel KMS driver will only work for the latest FreeBSD 9-STABLE or 10-CURRENT users. The patch for HEAD current is named all.13.1.patch.
The higher the version the newer the patch is. Other needed patches are already available in the Xorg update.

HEAD Users:
Get the latest patchset from Kib here:

9-STABLE Users:
Meowthink maintanice currently the backport to 9 STABLE, make sure you have the latest FreeBSD 9-STABLE src check out. Get the patch from here:

Rebuild your Kernel and reboot.

Know issuse:
There will be a patch reject in the sys/dev/drm/i915_suspend.c file. The solution is to manually undo the expansion of the $FreeBSD: ….$ tag, so it only
says $FreeBSD$.

Checkout Xorg Development Repo:
You will need to install devel/subversion in order to checkout the xorg repo. Next, you will need to add WITH_NEW_XORG=yes in your /etc/make.conf if you want to try out the
new Xorg and mesa. Note that if you are not qualified for the KMS patch, you shouldn’t use WITH_NEW_XORG=yes because the old intel driver doesn’t build with the new X
server. If you are qualified, you should also set WITH_KMS=yes in /etc/make.conf.

svn co

A small merge script to merge the svn checkout into the real portstree can
be found here:

The script is a modified version of the old kdemerge script. Please set the KDEDIR variable to the path of your ports.

After merging, run one of the following command, depending on which tool you use to manage your installed packages.

portupgrade -af \*
portmaster -a

After installing these, you will have to rebuild all xf86-* ports. We will bump all releated ports during the commit to the portstree.

Our current plan is to let the CFT running until the last weekend of February. We hope to get a lot feedback to solve as many problems as possible.
So please help us to get the best xorg update ever in!

Links: [1]

Happy updating 🙂

– Miwi

5 Responses to “[CFT] Xorg Upgrade 7.5.2”

  1. Antenore Gatta Says:


    You guys have done an amazing job!!!! I was stuck with vesa since several months and now I can finally enjoy my 1600×900.

    I feel like it’s a bit slow, but as I was testing at 4:00am (CET), I didn’t have time and strength to check if it was xorg or not… I will take alook later.

    Just a (n00b) question, what should I do to keep this setup (on 9.0 stable) updated? Update source, build/install kernel and upgrade the ports?

    Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Toto Says:

    Hello Martin,

    please check ,my post here :

  3. stuckpig Says:

    i updated to 9-STABLE today and successfully applied this patch: — however, when compiling the kernel it fails on drm_crtc.c as seen here:

    any ideas for a possible resolution? i am able to apply any of the patches for 9-STABLE found there but always errors during compile of drm_crtc.c

  4. Toto Says:

    Hey Stuckpig,

    are you sure to have the most up to date source code prior applying the patch ?

    Otherwise, take your source from the main site.

  5. Raven Says:

    It’s not working with latest kernel sources (i tried 9.0 and HEAD) – patches simply doesn’t apply.

    (Sorry for my English )

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