Dienstag, 12 Jan 2016

[CFT] php7 for FreeBSD


I have spent the last few days on getting php7 ready for FreeBSD.
The initial work was done by Senta Ltd [1] via github. I picked up what’s
left from there and finished up all missing ports and cleaned up a lot of mess.

So far everything that is related to php7 works for me. Pear and pecl ports are
still untested but I’ll look into them after php7 has landed in ports, in order to
please the majority. If you have the time it would be very much appreciated if
you can test them and send me some feedback.

You can find all the ports here

In case you are still using phpX-mysql, you have to replace it with mysqli.

Whats New in PHP7

Have fun 🙂

– Miwi

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  1. Lewis De Payne Says:

    Thank you for your dedication to FreeBSD (and PHP) users. This is a welcome port!

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