Donnerstag, 25 Feb 2016

PortsCamp Malaysia

A quick statement regarding MyPortsCamp thing :).

When my old friend Marcelo Araujo told me all about Taiwan PortsCamp, I was really excited. I was even more excited when I saw the pictures and heard the outcome of it.

I was told that it was very successful. I’ve shared from day one in our Telegram mybsd group, that I love the idea :). The other day there was a discussion again in the group on learning more about FreeBSD and ports. I pointed out that I would like to see some contributors or committers from Malaysia. Currently I am the only one from here and I am not even local :(.

I had a conversation with Mohd Fazli Azran, who is well known for his OpenSource passion and support around here. He posted on Facebook a question if anyone would want to become my “protege” to learn more about ports, how to do things, etc. To my surprise, the feedback was quite good. I reminded him about Taiwan PortsCamp and that I love the idea to see it happening here in Malaysia. Fazli created an FB Event to find out how much interest this event could gain, and the teaser will run till the end of next week, Friday March 4th. After that we will decide if the event will be organized here. The target is to find at least 20 people who are interested.

What is PortsCamp?
This is a community event where FreeBSD committers help people to understand what are ports and how to package new software to submit it as a new port.

The Basic idea
The Ports System used in FreeBSD is dead simple. It should be easy for any open source software publisher to submit their code to FreeBSD. But they just don’t know how simple it is, so we are gonna show them.

That’s it!

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