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PCBSD sponsor FreeBSD KDE Build box

( FreeBSD andKDE )

I’d like to note that the KDE FreeBSD Team is now receiving assistance from PCBSD again. Since I left the KDE Team, things have gone terribly wrong. After having a few conversations with my old team, I finally figured out what the problems were. But the main problem was missing a package build system, and […]

[FreeBSD] Python 2.7 default

( FreeBSD )

After a lot work, i’m happy to announce that python 2.7.1 now the default version on the FreeBSD portstree. Please read careful ports/UPDATING. I’d like to say many thanks to: lwhsu@, wen@, bf@ Happy Updating.

Webtropia servers with FreeBSD.

( FreeBSD )

Webtropia is a Server Provider in Germany that supports FreeBSD. I have some new machines there with a default FreeBSD installation. Unfortunately there are some small bugs in the installation routine, when the filesytem is created for the first time without softupdates, you can easily change it in the rescue system, but the real problem […]

Xorg 7.5.1 committed

( FreeBSD )

Just for the record: I have Xorg 7.5.1 committed, also the ports tree is now open. It gives a lot of updates – openldap, autotools, pear, cmake, linux-* , python cleanups, gstreamer, xorg and mysql 5.5 is now default and a lot more 🙂

[CFT] Xorg 7.5-Miwi(1) FreeBSD Edition

( FreeBSD )

Oy boys and gals, The Xorg T(m)eam is happy to announce the next round of Xorg fun! The X-Server has been patched to the latest 1.7.X series, drivers and fonts have been updated to the latest versions, but unfortunately we are not able to update libGL, drm and xorg-server to a higher version because FreeBSD […]

Enhanced commit privileges..

( FreeBSD )

My FreeBSD Commit Bit was updated yesterday. I have been playing with ports and docs for a long time, and now src is added to the list. I’m going to stop talking about cleaning up freebsd-bugs gnats. Now is the time to actually do something about it. I don’t want to see anymore happy birthday […]

[CFT] VirtualBox 4.0.4 for FreeBSD

( FreeBSD )

Time for a new round FreeBSD Vbox’s Team called for Testing, A few of you have probably wondered what happened to our VirtualBox efforts for FreeBSD. Well it took a bit longer then expected and a few problems were found that needed to be resolved first but most of the things are looking fine now […]

[CFT] Pear workaround for CATEGORY problems ..

( FreeBSD )

Since last year pear has changed the package layout. And since several months ago, I have seen a lot of FreeBSD maintainers removing the CATEGORY flag from their ports. The problem with that is the packages won’t be installed at the right location anymore. Here is a patch to fix the problem, feel free to […]

Python Infrastructure changes Roadmap

( FreeBSD )

Howdy, I just want to inform you that the python team plans to make some infrastructure changes. The changes involves the following 3 steps: [python 2.5/2.6/2.7 improvements/ py 3.2 adding] We plan to integrate some important patches: ports/153952 ports/148406 ports/149167 ports/152224 ports/133081 python 3.2 will be released on 12 Feb, we’ll wait for the final […]

[CFT] xf86-video-ati 6.14.0

( FreeBSD )

Howdy, 2 days ago was a new ati driver released. fluffy@ and me was using for few weeks the git version without problems, but we’d like to make sure this dosen’t broke anything for our ati users. Here is a patch: Changelog: Please test and report back, if no problems I’d like to […]