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We’re happy to announce that following was updated: – Update py-qt4 to py-qt4.5.4 – Update qscintilla-2* to 2.4 – Update py-sip to 4.8.2 – Update py-kde to 1.16.3 – Update py-qt to 1.18.1 – Update Qt4 to 4.5.2 – Update KDE to KDE-4.3.0 and is now available in the FreeBSD ports tree. So what’s new […]

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Yes I’m alive 🙂 A small update of what’s going on here. At the beginning of this month we Called for Testing of the new Qt-4.5 for FreeBSD, most dependency ports build and work fine but unfortunately py-qt4 from the portstree failed, we have now to wait for the KDE 4.3 release to upgrade to […]

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Howdy, The KDE FreeBSD Team is happy to announce the secound public Call for Testing with Qt-4.5.2. Recently, we focused on the complex and very time consuming task of getting the Qt-4.5.2 and KDE-4.3 ports into much better shape so we can now go on the next step: much wider public testing. We’re planning to […]

Yesterday Firefox 3.5 was released, and few hours later it was in the Portstree. But I see that some pepole can’t right read. So Please READ the pkg-messages carefully: Firefox 3.5 and HTML5 Certain functions used to display HTML5 elements need the sem module. If your Firefox crashes with the following message while viewing a […]

Small note I just committed nspr and Firefox 3.5 RC3 to the portstree. Please read UPDATING carefully befor you blame us. Happy Testing!

Howdy, Yesterday FF3.5 RC1 was released! Unfortunately RC1 need a newer version of devel/nspr, we already updated devel/nspr and it seems to be work all fine. If you like to play with both updates you can try following patch [1]. I need to make a exp-run request for this update to make sure nothing will […]

Today Virtualbox was committed to the FreeBSD ports tree. After a lot of work we had a good discussion today about how stable Virtualbox is, and after the CTF with take6 we got a lot of good feedback, so it was time to commit. Please READ the pkg-messages carefully, as well as the wiki page. […]

A friend of mine posted in the German a nice howto to use an USB-Stick as a installmedium. (German only i’ve translated to english ;-)) here is a quick howto: 1: clear your stick: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0 bs=1k count=1 2: make the USB-Stick bootable bsdlabel -Bw da0 auto 3: create an UFS2 Filesystem with […]

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When do peoples learn? Kris Moore and Dima Panov made the mistakes of sending a lot of patches! Now it was time to spend both a area51 commit bit. Welcome to the KDE FreeBSD Team!

After a lot work, i’m happy to announce that python 2.6.2 now the default version on the FreeBSD portstree. Please read careful ports/UPDATING. I’d like to say many thanks to: pav, gahr, lwhsu, mva, amdmi3 Happy Updating.